Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Speed Painting

This is my 1st speed painting done on Camtasia(just like my UDK vid). Just shows the 1st half of the process of the painting(which took an hour in real time), which I feel is the most important part. Enjoy!(Total time for finished painting was 2hrs)

Temple of the Undead!!!!

Ok, I started this concept with a full idea in direction where I wanted it to go and actually ended up how I wanted it too. Sometimes my mind just takes me for a ride and its really awesome to see where the piece ends up. This concept is a little more fantasy based with inspiration from RPG type games. Now on to the next!!!!! Enjoy.

Friday, April 22, 2011

UDK Test Tutorial.......

Alright, this is my 1st video using Camtasia on game design. There will be more to come with other types of game development art(2d concepts, 3d scuplting, bitmapping, textures, etc..). I pretty much explained the majority of how I feel about this video in the youtube description, so no need for a mega novel haha. Enjoy!!

Heres part. 2. I probobly wont upload another UDK video for a while since Im going to be working more on my concept art and learning 3ds max. So till then, heres this.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Newest piece finished.....

So last night after I came home from a Grunion Run haha (yes i know, over 100 people sitting on the beach waiting for some fish to flop on the sand haha). Was pretty late, like around 1:30am....I felt I finally needed to lay this piece to rest and finish it! So here it is, a darker version of my Blood Elf character im playing in World of Warcraft. I actually submitted it to the Blizzard Fan Art section, so hopefully it will GET ON THRU TO THE OTHER SIDE!! haha, Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First Post.....

Ok, 1st time ever having my own blog ...so now its time to start. I guess this will be a better place to post some of my new concept art pieces. So if you follw my blog then you will have the most up to date about me and my art. Plus its good for when I do have new projects finished, then I can post them here without filling up the news feed in FaceBook with my stuff. Mabe some of my friends dont really wanna know everytime I finish a new piece, haha. So if you would like to know then you can just come here!! Thank you.