Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Deserted and Undead Queen Angel.

Its been sometime since I posted and update on my latest concepts and this summer has been pretty busy. So lets get right to it! For the Undead concept, I wanted to have a female form of the Undead Angel race I was working on. The concept was very fun to work on and I had soo many ideas, but just had to nab the right ones to fit well with her as well as not stray WAY off from what the male looks like.

The most recent concept is more of a "Walking Dead" type setting, but a bit more futuristic. I wanted to show a sense of abandonment with the city that was mabe a few weeks to a month of people fleeing thi city. So everything is still intact, just starting to gather dust haha. I hope you guys and gals enjoy these concepts as much as I did working on them. Thank you!