Saturday, May 14, 2011

Project Scorn.

Ok Project Scorn is a personal project I started working on 2 days ago (May 12th). Its a new game map Im going to be making in either Radiant or UDK, leaning more towards Radiant. I have a deadline(personal of course haha) that Im going to try and follow hardcore to get into the lifestyle of working under strict deadlines for the game industry. So I been working on some sketches and a couple of concepts(some still in the making). My deadline for the sketches and concepts are tomorrow but I thought Id throw what I have so far and update my blog as I go along with this project. So here are some sketches and concepts for the project. Enjoy!!

 Top sketch blueprint of map.
 Index(gotta have one!!)
 Chancellor building gonna be main focus of map, or enemy HQ.
Close up of building.
 Digital sketch with some color.

Final concept of map overview.

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